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April 22, 2022 - April 24, 2022

This is a large event and there will be multiple range closures.
Please contact us for information during this event.


RPGi SOF Match 2022

Match starts: April 23, 2022 @ 8:30 AM · Match ends: April 24, 2022 @ 5:00 PM

Element Training Complex
4418 Cooper Ln
Holt, Florida 32564

RPGi presents the SOF Multi-gun Challenge April 22nd – 24th 2022, hosted in Holt, Florida.


– Registration opens: 1800 (Blue Zone) on April 22nd, Saturday is the Staff shoot (competitors welcome) and drive-by check in on main match day (Sunday) at entrance of Element Training Complex beginning at 0645 until 0730
– Shooter’s meeting: Friday Night April 22nd at Element Training Complex (Blue Zone) from 1830 to 1930 **Not required to attend**

– RPGi will put on a 7-stage exciting tactical style match with three shooting divisions. Competitors will compete against each other for top recognition. Top Shooters will be awarded and recognized in their respective categories at the close of the match. The top shooters from the “Full Kit”, “Kit Minus” and “Slick” Divisions will be awarded a significant prize from our match sponsors. This match will follow the new 2022 RPGi Combat Match Rule book and RPGi SOF MG Supplemental packet.

– Shooters have the choice to change firearms during the match to tackle each stage as its own separate item (meaning shooters can change rifle or pistol platforms throughout the match without the Match Director or Range Master’s approval…) The stages are scenario heavy and will balance the shooting and physical abilities of our competitors.

Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars, and be sure to sign up early to secure your slot!

Division breakdown:

“Full Kit” is body armor vest with front, back plates and helmet (15lbs minimum). The helmet can be a bump helmet (carbon fiber/plastic types) or ballistic. *Shooters must keep helmet strap buckled during execution of the stages*

“Kit Minus” is body armor vest with front and back plates (15lbs minimum).

“Slick” just as it sounds… Shooters will execute stages with their firearms and competition/tactical rigs.

Rifle: Can be a AR-15, PCC, 22LR, AK-47, AR-10, 300BLK or Pistol braced platforms (you will have the option to decide which platform to use on each stage, shooter’s choice). **BRING A SLING**

Pistol: Centerfire pistols, rimfire pistols are ok and ALL pistols must have a holster for the competition. It is HIGHLY recommended that holsters tightly secure competitor’s pistols during the match.

Rifles: Two hits anywhere on paper (or one in the A zone).
Pistols: 2 hits anywhere on paper or one in the A zone.

**All static steel will be engaged with one hit regardless of caliber size or platform as required or outlined in the written stage brief**

Match Fee: $90 (Refunds will not be issued after April 1st and no shows to the match will not receive a refund)

Round Count (Minimum):
– Rifle 200
– Pistol 200

**Disclaimer: This match is themed after Special Operations styled stress events and scenarios. If you have a medical condition then you must identify yourself to the Match Director upon signing up for special approval and/or select the appropriate division according to your physical condition. We are NOT running a Crossfit event but we want to make sure guys/gals are safe and not overwhelmed by some of the activity we have selected**

***Weather: RPGi matches will execute matches in adverse weather conditions and not cancel the match or postpone unless one of the following:

– Its literally raining sideways….like all day
– Hurricane conditions or pending
– Tornados
– Lightning, if there is lightning during the match we will pause and make the call on site to continue or call it.

Train. Evolve. Compete.

Brendan Souder (Match Director)


Stage 1: Mogadishu Run and Gun (Lot B)
Stage 2: Big Trouble in Little Farah VCQB (Lot B)
Stage 3: Colombia Jungle Run (Shotgun Area)
Stage 4: Nous Défions (300yd range)
Stage 5: Going in Blind: CQB (Red zone, no walk through)
Stage 6: Tough Guy Talk University 3.0 (Red zone bays x2)
Stage 7: FAFO bring your long gun!

Time Plus (Points) match,



April 22, 2022
April 24, 2022